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Which is the Right Cash Drawer for you?

Cash drawers are an essential component of any business: vital for security and enhance convenience. They help you keep money organized and protects it from thieves considering how sturdy they are. Whether you are a big retailer with frequent transactions or a small businessman with a local outlet, cash drawers play a huge role to enhance your everyday tasks at work.  But it is important to find the right kind of cash drawer to suit your needs perfectly.

Following are the 4 basic types of cash drawers:

Manual Cash Drawer
It is simply an enhanced box with a key. It has various compartments like a normal cash drawer. It is suitable for outlets where you are the only one handling the cash. It is super cost effective and secure for small businesses. A mechanical key is used to open the drawer whereas a push button opens the drawer when unlocked. Its simplicity is best for additional convenience for small retailers.

Printer Driven Cash Drawer
This is the most popular choices. It is almost auto…