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How to Choose a Suitable Receipt Printer For Your Business?

The receipt printer plays a crucial role in all businesses. Shoppers still prefer the paper receipts to the electronic receipts as many times they are reluctant to share their email addresses which are required by the retailers for issuing the electronic receipts. If you are thinking of investing in a receipt printer, first of all, you need to determine the type of printer that is most suitable for your business.
There is a wide range of printers available in the market.

Some of the printers can be operated on the move, whereas some can print on particular paper. Whether you want a mobile or a stationary printer or one that can generate receipts in harsh environments, you need to consider all these factors before investing in your printer.

Check out the factors considering before Investing in POS RECEIPT PRINTER

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Types of Receipt Printer And its Uses within A Point of Sale System

A Receipt printer is an integral part of the 'Point of Sale' system. They are widely used in the 'retail environments' for printing the 'customer receipts' and 'credit card' slips. The receipt printers are used for printing the orders and receipts in restaurants. The most popularly used receipt printers are dot matrix, ink jet printers, and thermal printers.

The Various Types of Receipt Printers are as Follows:

Dot Matrix Printers:
The Dot Matrix Printers are called 'impact printers' which is dependable, cost-effective and involves low operating costs. These printers make use of the tiny pins which are fixed on the print head and work with the 'ink ribbon' for producing a series of the dots which form letters on paper. These printers are able to print in dual colors like red and black and can print graphics as well. These printers find wide application in the kitchens of restaurants.

Thermal Printers: The thermal printers are more expensiv…

Barcode Scanner-Buying a Suitable One For Your Business

The design of the barcode scanners has improved over the ages and they have become easy to use for being available in a host of varieties. For choosing the right one according to your requirement can be quite a challenge, as you need to choose from an array of options. In order to buy the right scanner for your business, you need to consider a couple of factors such as the environment where it would be used, its frequency of usage, the types of barcodes that would be read, the usage of the barcode scanner and much more.

Once you know how you would be using the scanner, it would help in deciding the form factor, type and the other options required.

Taking into consideration each of these factors would help you in finding a suitable barcode scanner according to your requirement.

The Various Types of Barcode Scanners

You can choose a barcode scanner based on the ‘scan engine’ it possesses. This depends on the kind of the barcodes you would be reading. Here are the various kinds of ‘scan …

A Snapshot on Cash Drawers

The cash drawer is an integral part of the Point of Sale System. They are widely used for the purpose of storing the credit cards, coins, papers and the currency notes. They are available as separate stand-alone units or attached to cash registers, which is attached to the receipt printer to be manually opened or closed with lock or key. There are various types of cash drawers that include the flip top cash drawer, serial cash drawer and much more. Here is an overview of the various types of cash drawers.

The Different Types of Cash Drawers

Manual Cash Drawer: One of the most cost-effective and safe cash drawers is the manual cash drawer. The key would lock the cash drawer while the push-button would open it when it needs to be unlocked for business. If the drawer is locked the push button will not work.

Terminal/Printer Driven Cash Drawer: The terminal/printer driven cash drawer requires cables. They function by plugging into the receipt printers that help in opening the drawers. Few o…

Which is the Right Cash Drawer for you?

Cash drawers are an essential component of any business: vital for security and enhance convenience. They help you keep money organized and protects it from thieves considering how sturdy they are. Whether you are a big retailer with frequent transactions or a small businessman with a local outlet, cash drawers play a huge role to enhance your everyday tasks at work.  But it is important to find the right kind of cash drawer to suit your needs perfectly.

Following are the 4 basic types of cash drawers:

Manual Cash Drawer
It is simply an enhanced box with a key. It has various compartments like a normal cash drawer. It is suitable for outlets where you are the only one handling the cash. It is super cost effective and secure for small businesses. A mechanical key is used to open the drawer whereas a push button opens the drawer when unlocked. Its simplicity is best for additional convenience for small retailers.

Printer Driven Cash Drawer
This is the most popular choices. It is almost auto…

Smart POS Management With Cash Drawers

Managing the revenue generated from POS transactions is the most vital function of any business. Thus, having quality cash drawers is quite an important part of the proper functioning of the business. Several models of cash drawers are available like the flip top cash drawer, 3pin interface cash drawer, etc. Today billing at the retail stores have also become smart and thus companies must choose a cash drawer depending on their needs.

The incorporation of cash drawers at the stores not only makes easy handling of cash but is also a check on the morale of the employees. You can easily keep track of all the transactions which also facilitate banking and other tax-related matters.

Essential Features Of Cash Drawers:

Whether you choose a serial/USB cash drawer or a smart interface cash drawer, they must be having the following basic features in them:

  Almost all the versions of cash drawers look quite similar while they vary in shapes, sizes, and colors. Apart from the attractive featur…

factors to consider for buying Label Printers

Choosing the most appropriate label printer in your business may be pretty a challenging task. With the unexpectedly evolving generation and extended client expectations and opposition, entrepreneurs are actually emphasizing loads on labeling their products smartly and in an appealing manner.

To choose a suitable label printer from a sea of alternatives, you need to maintain certain elements in thoughts.

o    Quality:In the modern age customers expect high-quality print. Instead of the quick turnaround time provided by cheaper huge ‘mass printing’ outlets, customers expect high-quality print with high-end printers. Now various kinds of printers are available such as high-end label printers with enhanced processing capacity and memory or thermal label printers with superior quality printing. Depending on your requirement, you should invest in high-quality label printers than saving money by buying a cheap one.

o    Requirement:Choosing the right label printer is essential for your busines…

Aussie POS- Your one stop POS automation solution

Do you believe that ‘time is money’? Oh, yes!! If this is what you feel and agree to, definitely you would be a person who wants to act big, do multi-tasking and prove your efficiency by building stronger teams and have more people around who can be trusted for handling major roles and responsibilities.

If you are in the retail business where customer satisfaction is of highest significance, and you are based out of Australia, Aussie POS is ready to be your POS (Point of Sale) specialist. One thing which is definitely about Aussie POS is that you can trust them for your POS software, POS hardware, POS supplies or so to say, almost everything which is needed to ensure smooth automated operations at your POS.

An automated POS consists of receipt printers, barcode scanner, label printers, card readers, cash drawers etc.

A label printer may not directly be utilized at the POS counter yet it is used to print appropriate labels for the products and this ensures smooth data capture and proce…

Receipt Printer – An Innovative Solution for POS

Wherever there are sale and purchase, there has to be a receipt or an invoice or a bill which stands as a proof of the transaction. Gone are the days where each and every transaction was documented using pen and paper and every customer use to take some amount of time in getting clearance at the cash counter. Digital transformation has introduced the receipt technology which has made it possible to quickly and accurately print receipts for the transactions and save a lot of time for customers to stand in queue initially for their turn, then in getting their bill made and finally in cross-checking for any human errors.

Receipt Printers are a completely new, innovative solution for POS system. They are used to print credit card slips and customer receipts in a retail environment. In addition to retail outlets, these are also useful in restaurants and hotels.

The key categories of receipt printers from which you can pick the one which suits your business requirements are:

1. Dot Matrix Pr…