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receipt printers

Wherever there are sale and purchase, there has to be a receipt or an invoice or a bill which stands as a proof of the transaction. Gone are the days where each and every transaction was documented using pen and paper and every customer use to take some amount of time in getting clearance at the cash counter. Digital transformation has introduced the receipt technology which has made it possible to quickly and accurately print receipts for the transactions and save a lot of time for customers to stand in queue initially for their turn, then in getting their bill made and finally in cross-checking for any human errors.

Receipt Printers are a completely new, innovative solution for POS system. They are used to print credit card slips and customer receipts in a retail environment. In addition to retail outlets, these are also useful in restaurants and hotels.

The key categories of receipt printers from which you can pick the one which suits your business requirements are:

1. Dot Matrix Printers (DMP) or the impact printers are the most preliminary type of receipt printers. Yet they are popular even till date because of their low cost of operation and minimalistic maintenance. They work with the help of an ink ribbon and a print head which together creates letter through a series of dots being impressed on the paper. They are even capable of printing graphics like logo etc. and usually are printed in two colors, red and black.

2. Thermal Printers are quite popular because of their improved quality of print, higher speed of print and much lesser noise during operation as compared to the DMP. As the name indicates, the thermal printer uses thermal paper which gets the impression when the thermal head gets in contact whilst generating heat. Since there is no ink or toner required whilst using a thermal receipt printer, the initial cost gradually gets neutralized to a great extent with use. Advanced technologies in the field of thermal printing have come up with solutions like multi-colored thermal printing and double-sided printing for receipts.

3. Yet another popular category is for Inkjet printers in which a print head shoots tiny droplets of ink on to the paper. These are most appropriate in places where the quality of printing is of utmost significance. They are used to print high-quality images like color logos, coupons etc. Other than the initial printer cost, the cost of replacing ink cartridges is also significant.
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