Simplify your POS system with Casio SES10 Cash Registers

Cash registers are keeping the record of cash in an electronic form. A cash register is widely used with scanners, bar code reader, debit or credit card machines or scales for weighing different products. A computerized point of sale system allows a connection with cash registers. A cash register has a keyboard to input the details of transactions. Many modern cash registers have a touch screen for inputting the transaction details. This makes the cash register handy and user-friendly. This touch screen feature makes it as an individual computer. In-house software and DOS environment are compatible with the cash register.
A handheld device called bar code reader is attached to the cash register. Nowadays every product in a store is generally packed with all details mentioned over the packet. There is one barcode which is an electronically readable code. A bar code scanner is used to read this code. When the bar code scanner scans the code it is displayed on the computer screen. This code contains all the details related to a particular product. With the help of barcode scanner, there is no need for manually inputting the details which always runs the risk of errors.

When a transaction is completed, a printed receipt is taken from the printer which is given to the customer as a proof of payment.

Casio is considered as one of the top brands when it comes to cash registers. Casio SES10 comes as a replacement of TE-M80 model of the cash register. The main features of the Casio SES10 Cash register are as follows:

•    Rear display for customer viewing
•    5 departments with department shift 500 PLUs
•    Easy date and time setup
•    Support for up to 8 cashiers
•    Includes calculator mode
•    Environmental design and eco-friendly specifications
•    With 12 Months Manufacturer Warranty
•    Automatic Tax Calculations.

It is very easy to maintain Casio SES10 Cash Register. It is designed to operate on standard household current.

We at Aussie POS exclusively supply Cash Register and the same can be ordered through our website. Our team is available to provide any information required at any time. To know more about Casio cash register, call at 1800730846


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