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Do you believe that ‘time is money’? Oh, yes!! If this is what you feel and agree to, definitely you would be a person who wants to act big, do multi-tasking and prove your efficiency by building stronger teams and have more people around who can be trusted for handling major roles and responsibilities.

point of sale equipment
If you are in the retail business where customer satisfaction is of highest significance, and you are based out of Australia, Aussie POS is ready to be your POS (Point of Sale) specialist. One thing which is definitely about Aussie POS is that you can trust them for your POS software, POS hardware, POS supplies or so to say, almost everything which is needed to ensure smooth automated operations at your POS.

An automated POS consists of receipt printers, barcode scanner, label printers, card readers, cash drawers etc.

A label printer may not directly be utilized at the POS counter yet it is used to print appropriate labels for the products and this ensures smooth data capture and processing of the products with speed at the POS.

Businesses operate on cash or, in other words, revenue. For this matter, it is very important to have sturdy, rugged and durable cash drawers at your POS. These cash drawers are used to store currency notes, papers, cheques, credit cards, coins, etc. They may be attached to a cash register or could be connected to a receipt printer which triggers their opening. Some cash drawers can also be opened and closed manually using lock and key. There is a wide variety of Cash Drawer (Nexa CB910, VPOS EC350, Posiflex CR4100) to pick from yet it should choose keeping the space, a number of transactions and important aspects in consideration.

Another important piece of installation includes card readers and receipt printers. Card readers are used to connecting to customers’ payment gateway and accept payment via their credit and debit cards. Receipt printers are available from several big brands like Epson, Canon, Nexa, Bixolon, Posiflex etc. Epson has a whole series of receipt printer (Epson T82, Epson T20, and Epson T88v). Where each model varies in specifications and performance, the Epson TM-T20II is known to be value for money printer. On the other hand, the TM-T88V is known for meeting your expectations in terms of performance.

Despite all this basic information, it is very challenging to invest in the right gadgets so that they serve the purpose for a long time and hence a wise business partner is what you should look upon.

For more details or any media inquiry, you can visit our online interface @ or call our pos expert at 1800730846.


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