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When buying something for the first time, it is natural to have the mind cluttered with too many thoughts and lots of confusion about what exactly to buy which will be value for money. The same holds true when you decide to buy a receipt printer and a wrong pick will result in unnecessary costs of repair or replacement and affect business operations.

Since not all receipt printers are suitable for every application, here’s a quick guide to the popular varieties with their characteristics.

Impact Printers- These use a printing head which leaves an impact with an ink ribbon transferring the character or symbol to paper. The characters are created by using varied combinations of pins.
Being sturdy, they are capable of facing harsh environments hence can be placed in environments exposed to wide range of temperatures like the restaurant kitchen. They can withstand dusty, greasy environment with minimal maintenance.

Thermal Printers- As the name suggests, they use heat to transfer characters and images. The print comes as a result of direct contact of printer’s thermal head with thermal paper. Thermal paper turns black when heated giving out the black and white printed receipt.
With their enhanced efficiency and speed as compared to Impact printers, Thermal receipt printers are suitable for fast-paced environments like POS. The print resolution is of higher quality and can handle the design aesthetics of printing a logo or special characters on the receipt. Their noiseless operation with and compact design give better customer experience at filling station pumps, voucher printing at casino slot machines etc.

Mobile Printers- Similar to thermal printers, they are designed for mobility. Their ergonomic designs make them useful while on the go. Being lightweight and easy to carry, one could even clip it to their belt or clothes. It has smart connectivity through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi etc. This wireless connectivity adds to their mobility.They fulfill the purpose where it is required to access receipt printing while being away from stationary POS terminal or on the sales floor where you require instant printing. They are best suited for warehousing, manufacturing and even healthcare.

Get ready with the above quick guide to picking the right receipt printer for your POS System within a retail business.


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